Bath Sheba Nevis

The Island

A beautiful Caribbean hideaway

About Nevis

"The boat ride from St Kitts and back is slick and all part of the experience. The Island itself is unspoilt and yet there is plenty to do, especially if you like dining out, there are plenty of fine restaurants" Flipkey Verified User, Bristol, England [ + view more reviews ]

Nevis lies near the top of the Lesser Antilles Archipelago around 200 miles south of Puerto Rico and just west of Antigua. The island is dominated by the (extinct) volcanic cone of Nevis peak. Around the edge of the island are classic white sand Caribbean beaches. In between the two lie small saltwater marshes, a cultivable plain, lush vegetation, and a true rain forest. The peak, at 3,232 feet, is higher than anything in England, yet the island totals only 36 square miles. The beaches are superb and the mountains, covered with lush green vegetation, and inhabited by numerous green vervet monkeys, offer some serious walking.

Although Nevis could be described as a sleepy Caribbean hideaway, there is plenty to do, a good range of restaurants and bars, markets and shops, and it is fantastic for nature lovers.

The islanders have made a conscious decision to appeal to an upmarket tourist audience, and their friendly and welcoming attitude means that visitors can easily participate in the island life. There is very little crime and an easy, laid back feel. If you wish to find out more visit the official tourist information website.

"The island of Nevis is very peaceful, but with enough to do should you feel so inclined. Great swimming ,diving, snorkeling and walks. Would thoroughly recommend for a happy family holiday" Flipkey Verified User, Bristol, England [ + view more reviews ]